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Fried Shrimp and Clams. --->

Article - The Photographers Eye
The objective of a good photograph is to get the viewer to feel what the photographer felt. To evoke an emotion, to raise a question, or just to stimulate the viewers senses. --->

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Avent Ferry Pizza. Sausage, black olives & mushrooms. --->

Check your receipts and bank accounts frequently.

Many restaurants are starting to add fees and charges to your bills that they aren't telling you about. This includes fast food, drive-thru, and sit down restaurants. Adding additional lines to your bills without telling you. Items like; 'employee medical', 'seating fee', or just plain 'service fee'. This is happening frequently and needs to be watched for. I have caught a couple that have happened to me. It took some arguing on a couple of these to get the money refunded, but I got it back. Keep all receipts and reconcile them with your bank account.

|> Employers need to pay their employees a just and fair salary up front. They shouldn't be adding hidden (or undisclosed) fees on to the consumers to make up for their inadequate salaries.

I have started on an Introduction Page to introduce myself and tell a bit of my background information for those that are interested. This page will start with limited information, but I will be adding more as time goes along.

I have a food blog Chili Dog with Cheese that I add to on a regular basis. This will be the place that I post to most often.

I will be posting everything from restaurant and food reviews, to recipes and more. This BLOG will cover the foods that I personally like. My personal taste. I will also be discussing pricing, as food prices have gone up so much over the past year or so I believe that pricing needs to be a part of any food conversation.